About the Author
Darelyn Mitsch

Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch’s personal mission is to rehumanize work with a specific focus in the healthcare industry. DJ is an award-winning game changer, pioneer of the coaching profession, and president of the Pyramid Resource Group, which partners with leaders and healthcare providers to ignite genius and unleash full potential in their organizations. The sixth president of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a founding global board member, DJ helped drive ICF chapter development across borders. She founded the Healthcare Coaching Institute (HCI) in 2013 to advance coaching as a key leadership capability for life sciences. HCI is now partnering with Virginia Tech’s international outreach and healthcare innovation programs. Combining her leadership experience in broadcasting and love of sports, DJ designed the first corporate team-coaching process around a strategic game plan. Team Advantage guides teams to transcend habitual ways of working and create new ways of working.